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To aid in the construction of a high school in Ahsea we have formed a non-profit 501c organization called
Peace International Inc.

1The President of our group is Father Mussie Berhe. Mussie was born and raised in Ahsea. While visiting his homeland he felt the communities great need for a High School and made a commitment to help.

Mussie is a Priest of The Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, Ca.

When Mussie was a child there were not any schools in Ahsea. At about age 10 he left his family to go to theology school in a far away town.

To contace Father Mussie please email:

1997-2001 Mussie helped to raise funds to rebuild the 1000 year old church in the community were he was raised. The same church were he was ordained as a Deacon and a Priest.
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In 2000 Mussie collected medical supplies and medicine worth over $127,000 (USD). The supplies were sent to the Hospital in Mekelle.
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Father Mussie received a Certificate of Recognition from The Ahsea Development Association. The certificate recognizes his contribution of medical supplies to Mekelle hospital. It also recognizes Father Mussie's help building St. Michael's Church and his work with Peace International to help construct The Ahsea High School.

Other groups involved
in the construction of
the Ahsea High School

Tigrai Development Association (TDA)
TDA is comprised of Tigraian professionals living in America who work together to share their technical skills and provide aid to contribute to the lives of people in the Tigrai region of Ethiopia.
Visit TDA web site

The Ahsea High School Building Main Committee
Established in Ahsea. They are a community driven group comprised of the people of Ahsea. The community of Ahsea has democratically elected five community members to lead the committee. The community has donated the land for the High School and continually work to raise funds for construction.

The Ahsea High School Building Sub- Committee
A development association formed by voluntary members residing in Addis Ababa. (Ethiopia's capital city). It has a board consisting of 7 member, (10) executive members and (3) audit members.

Ethiopia's Unified Schools
They will provide teachers and school supplies. The Unified Schools has also agreed to keep tabs on TDA and The Ahsea High School Building Committee to make sure they are adhering to the agreement to build the Block sponsored by Peace International.



Peace International Board Members

Father Mussie Berhe

Leonard R. Garner Jr.

Dr. Leo

Tammy Williamson