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Our current goal is to help build sanitary facilities (toilets)


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The Ahsea High School Project covers the development and construction of a modern high school facility in northern Ethiopia. The school serves the population of Ahsea and the surrounding areas.  1

Before this project the closest high school was 85 miles away. That led to a 70% high school drop out rate. Leaving an overwhelming population of young dropouts left with insufficient education to progress in modern society.

The Project includes development of approximately six acres of land, design and construction of classrooms, a library, science lab, and modern sanitary facilities. Upon final completion we hope to serve over 2000 students.

Project Update: Feb., 2009

We are very excited to share the news of the developing campus. The school now has
4 classroom buildings, a science lab and a library. Each classroom building has 4 classrooms that will accommodate 60 students at a time.

Library dedicated in our name!
Thanks to everyone that contributed to the project. During a recent celebration, the people of Ahsea dedicated the Library to Peace International. Every speaker warmly thanked Peace International and the wonderful contributors from America. They were touched by the kindness of people who have never been to this region, but have such kindness in their hearts that they are able to feel the needs of a community so far away.

The next step is to build sanitary facilities (toilets).

Get involved and help make history!  Contact us at info@peaci.com

A Brief History of the Project
The community of Ahsea donated and cleared the land for the high school project. Originally classes were being held in tents. Students used mounds of dirt to sit on. After one year of use, the tents became badly weathered from wind.
DSC00027 00000

Building One
The Ahsea High School Building Committee and the community of Ahsea raised $40,000 to build the first building of the school. This is an amazing task for such poor people. They kept diligent records and put together a budget and a report that will be used as a working guideline for future constructions.

DSC00027 00000
building one when first built

building one today

Building Two

The Tigrai Development Association (TDA) funded the second building
building two under construction

Japanese Government Donation

Dec. 2007, The Japanese Embassy donated $84,340 (US dollars) for expansion of the school to alleviate the shortage of classrooms. These funds were use to build three more buildings.
see online article

DSC00027 00000


In honor of our donors the library has been dedicated to Peace International.